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Basic instructions

Using TweaK
Simply type (or copy/paste from your browser's address bar) the URL which you'd like to rename into a smaller one. Push the 'Next' button, and Dot TK will make the address smaller for you, and give you a new link that includes a new free domain name.

To use an address shortened by TweaK
There is no need to visit http://tweak.tk to use a shortened address. Simply type or paste the shortened URL into your browser's address bar and press enter, you will be automatically forwarded to the original address. If somebody has given you a Tweak TK domain in the form of a hyperlink, just click on the link instead.

Additional functionality

Free Domain
This great free shortening service includes a real working Dot TK domain name. All for free!

All Dot TK domain names are instantly available on the Internet worldwide.

It's very easy to find out where any TweaKed address will take you without having to visit it. This is useful to check that the link will redirect to a destination you trust. Simply add a slash hyphen (/-) to the end of the domain, and instead of being redirected to the original long address automatically, you'll be taken to a preview page telling you where the link goes.

For example: you have been given the shortened link http://bcdef.tk and want to check where it goes. Copy/paste it into your browser's address bar and then add a slash hyphen, making the link http://bcdef.tk/-. Now simply visit that address, and instead of being taken directly to the original URL, you'll be taken to a preview page on the TweaK site which will tell you the link's destination.

Additional keywords
Everything in front of the domain name is ignored. So if you'd like additional keywords or "hints" to a URL, you can take advantage of this to manually add them. For example, if I created the shortened URL http://bcdef.tk that redirected to a sports site, and wanted to add additional keywords to the link, I could give it out as http://sportnews.bcdef.tk or even better: http://look.how.michael.jordan.is.still.playing.bcdef.tk.

Coming soon
The Dot TK Development Team are working on OpenTK: this new API is the next generation version of TweaK. Check www.nic.tk soon for more information!